WalmartOne Login Fact

WalmartOne is a website dedicated to assisting Walmart employees in various affairs of their employment such as paystubs, work schedules, W2 and various other self-improvement resources. WalmartOne – Walmart’s employee online portal, also provides in-depth information to its employees with regards to medical insurance, dental insurance, educational opportunities, various growth & development opportunities and countless other employee benefits.

In this article, we will walk you through a guided tour of WalmartOne so that your journey is memorable (as in; it’s stored in your memory) and it also saves you the hassle you would, otherwise, encounter if you were to explore this site on your own.



What can you do after WalmartOne Login?

As an employee of Walmart, you can access your work schedule or your open shifts (whichever way you’d like to call it). You just have to have a registered account with WalmartOne or My Walmart. Once you are in; you should be able to see your complete schedule which may be broken down into weeks or months.

Should you, at any point, face problems understanding what you see on the page; you can always refer to the glossary section that will clarify what you see on your schedule. And at the end of it, if you are okay with your schedule, you can simply check on the option box that will email you your schedule every week (you can afford to be a little lazy this way).

You can view your paystub and in order to do this you need to login to your WalmartOne associate site and click on “Money.” Yes; you heard that right, that’s the name of the link (hats off to whoever came up with that, couldn’t have been more apt). Now, if you are the kind of person who cannot keep a track of his money–like most of us are–you can simply register at WalmartOne and WalmartOne will do the tracking of all the payments made to you.


WalmartOne Login here:  


You can also view information related to various financial benefits at Walmartone such as:

–401(k) Plan (this is the grandmother of all employee benefits)

–Associate Stock Purchase (this is a retention gimmick)

–Discount card (this will give you an impression that you’ve saved a fortune)

–View Healthcare (things just got serious)


How do you register at Walmartone?

Just follow the link

It will provide you with an array of languages to choose from. Once you are through this, you are required to enter your Walmart Identification Number (WIN). This is a unique number because everybody doesn’t “WIN”; but on a serious note, WIN is the unique number that is assigned to you when you join Walmart. And if you are clueless as to what WIN is, you can always bug your supervisor or visit the Wire.

Apart from these, you will also be asked for a few more information such as your date of birth, hiring date and a valid email address. If you don’t know all this, your supervisor is waiting to be bugged again (not with the email part though).


Once you are on the WalmartOne Login page use your user name and password to log in and once you are through you can decide on what you want to see; things like work schedule, paystubs, etc., etc.


How do you access your paystubs and work schedules at WalmartOne?

First and foremost you follow the link to visit the WalmartOne official website. Once you are there at the homepage, just fill in the details on the login section (if you can’t remember the path, simply google WalmartOne login). And that’s it, you are good to go. You will see that you can easily find your way around the site as most of the relevant links are self-explanatory in nature. In a way, logging into WalmartOne is a child’s play.

You can get to view your profile, social conversations, schedule and messages online at There are also General resources and news updates on the website without the need for logging in but you, certainly, have to log in if you want to view your financial benefits, paystubs, work schedules and any other personal information.


Guide to Use Walmartone Schedule

There’s a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to that section of the webpage that has all the information on your schedule. You can see the current weeks schedule from the Widget on the right hand side of the homepage. Once in, you can see that your schedule is sorted into weeks or months. You can scroll back and forth between weeks so that you can see how you are placed each week. Your rolls and meal times are displayed beside each time period and your available number of hours reflect at the right side of each day.

Schedules are color coded, for instance: Current week is blue and your availability option is shown in orange. The monthly view is color coded in a similar fashion.


Can’t seem to remember your WalmartOne user ID?

Go to your supervisor or spare her and go to


WalmartOne Password flushed out of gray matter as well?

Again, either your supervisor or


Another very interesting and a convenient way of accessing your WalmartOne account is through the WalmartOne app, christened; WM1.

About Walmart

Walmart is an American Retail Giant. It runs a never ending chain of Grocery Stores, Hypermarkets and Discount Departments. Back in 1962, Sam Walton was masterminded who hatched the conspiracy that Walmart is. As per Forbe’s Global 500 list, 2016–Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and the world’s largest private employer with 1.4 million employees in the US and over 2.2 million employees across the world. Wait if you thought that was all; Walmart is also one of the most valued companies in terms of market value.

Walmart had a revenue of $482.1 billion for the fiscal year ending 31 January 2016 out of which it, very generously, gave away $10.4 billion to its shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases. The company strives on developing opportunity and bringing worth to the communities and customers it serves across the world.

Now, managing the affairs of the millions of Walmart employees must have been a nightmare for the company. The solution to this herculean task was: WalmartOne.